How to invest?

Saving on deposits has become unprofitable, and everyone today asks where to invest money, not where to securely place it. However, risk management is crucial in investing. There are many possibilities, but the risk increases in proportion to the potential of profits.

Where to invest money in 2017? The palette of investment products and places where you can invest money is huge: from safe yet almost unprofitable investments, through investment structures, crowdfunding, stock exchange, up to contracts, forex and cryptocurrencies. There is a lot to choose from, but... there are a few “BUTS” ;)

It would be too simple if I wrote in one sentence where to invest money, e.g. “buy bitcoin this year, because I think so”. I do not give recommendations, I do not intend and I have no right to do so. Yet, I can show you the opportunities and help you learn and understand how it all works.

Investing in promissory notes at a discount is my answer for today and tomorrow.


Because it is the only such product on the market which is very simple and quick to implement as an investment instrument.

How does it work?

  • For instance, you purchase a promissory note at a discount of PLN 100,000 for which you pay respectively less at the time of purchase, i.e. 6-9% constituting the annual interest rate.
  • You receive a discount in advance and after one year (12 months of a minimum investment period) or two (24 months of a maximum investment period) you receive a refund of the promissory note equivalent.
  • The value of each promissory note is notarised with a mortgage on a real estate package with a total value of over PLN 31,178,100 (check the package details).
  • In addition, we will pay the tax on the income earned in this way for you. Therefore, your investment profit of 6-9% per year goes entirely to your pocket.

If you know an equally good way of investing, I will listen about it willingly. In the meantime, I invite you to the COLLATERAL section to familiarise yourself with a detailed offer.