Paweł Wiater the president of FINANCE & INVESTMENT GROUP Sp. z o.o., a company with huge financial potential, providing professional service in the field of i.a: business consulting, creating its own investments and co-financing investments of other entities. But that's only a small part of the truth about him...

Privately, he is a man with a great passion for life. He has always been fascinated with traveling, which was a great way to distance himself from reality. Although he is unanimously called a man of success, he has never forgotten that true happiness consists in finding joy in small matters. He starts his day from a moment of relaxation with a cup of aromatic Italian cappuccino, accompanied by Andrea Bocelli’s compositions in the background. In his spare time, he plays golf with his friends and instils the love for quad terrain trips in his son. He always stays true to himself, being, above all, a good man. As he says himself, this is the value of the highest importance.

We are placing an extraordinary investment project based on promissory notes at a discount in your hands. Everyone knows what a promissory note is; its value and strength cannot be overestimated. This is why it is an instrument on which the philosophy of Weksel House has been based.

This simple form of investment and, at the same time, the form of security resulting from the power of a promissory note guarantees the payment of funds along with the discount. Furthermore, in order to authenticate this form of investment, we have secured each of the promissory notes with a real estate package worth over PLN 31 million.


How to use our investment offer in a simple way?



contact us / phone +48 504 292 307



indicate the value of the funds
you want to invest



make an appointment
at a convenient time



purchase promissory notes at a discount
from 6 to 9% of annual interest rate



receive a discount payable in advance
(for 12-month promissory notes)



redeem the promissory note
after a specified time

If you are interested in my offer, please call +48 504 292 307

Here you can check how the promissory notes are secured.