Package I

Promissory notes from A1-A395

Your promissory notes are secured with a mortgage on the following properties:

“In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.” – Robert Arnott

Is there an alternative for well-known forms of investing on the market, such as treasury bonds, shares of foreign companies, precious metals, investment funds, bank deposits or the stock exchange?

Well, yes - investing can be both convenient and profitable! Investment in promissory notes at a discount from 6 to 9% per year is the only investment offer of this kind that is available on the market.

Simply put, each PLN 100,000 invested is a profit from PLN 6,000 to PLN 9,000 a year.

The guarantee for your funds is securing the promissory notes with real estate of nearly three times the value of the invested funds. The promissory notes were issued for a total of PLN 13,500,000.00, where the total value of real estate as their collateral amounts to PLN 31,178,100. Find details in the terms of use

An additional benefit - we will pay the tax on earned income!

Below is a list of real estate secured by promissory notes at a discount numbered from A1 to A395

The confirmation of the collateral is an entry of each real estate in the land and mortgage register marked with the number of the promissory note and its denomination.

The creditor (issuer) is the mortgage administrator:
Paweł Wiater, PESEL: 7404041200237, ul. Zwycięzców 28/21, 03-938 Warsaw.

* Value acc. to the valuation study.